Ozone, The Strongest Healthy Disinfectant

What is Ozone “O3” ?

Ozone is 3125 times stronger than chlorine and 725 times stronger than acid, making it the most powerful disinfectant known in the world. The Ozone Generator has no consumption other than the electricity consumption of a lamp. It produces Ozone using oxygen in the air.

Ozone is a naturally occurring gas produced from oxygen atoms. The oxygen molecule consists of 2 oxygen atoms. These oxygen molecules are divided into atoms in the ozone generator. Single oxygen atoms cannot exist alone in nature without being regrouped into binary atomic oxygen molecules. In this recombination phase, some atoms will transform into loosely bound triple atomic oxygen. This new molecule is called Ozone or O3. Ozone generators can make ozone from normal air and are normally used as room, water and food disinfectants.

How does it work ?

1st Step

O2 oxygen is freely available in the air.

2nd Step

The O2 oxygen molecule in the air is separated in the ozone generator.

3rd Step

The separated O oxygen atom is connected to the other O2 atom. It becomes active oxygen. O3 Ozone is formed.

4th Step

Active Oxygen atom destroys microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria and odours by oxidation.

5th Step

After that, ozone becomes natural O2 oxygen and disperses to the environment.

Ozone Used In…

Ozone is used safely in industries for over 30 years

Public Areas

Water Applications

Food Processing

Chimney Deodourisation

Some examples

Frequency of use in hotel rooms and other public areas, human diversity, external factors, and microbiological loads on human health through air threaten human health. These loads form a more homogeneous mixture and become chronic with means of air circulation such as air conditioning etc. It creates a hygiene problem in the rooms and areas of use and poses a health risk for new customers.

The use of cigarettes by the guests in the hotel rooms, the smell of the customers’ skin, permanent deodorant and perfume, distorts the fresh smell of the hotel rooms and creates unpleasant elements for the next customer.

It is possible to resolve these problems in hotel rooms with portable or fixed ozone generators and create a permanent solution. The inadequacy of chemical substances because of leaving residues and requiring consumables make ozone generators highly usable.

Ozone generators help prevent chronic and infectious diseases by disinfecting the air and the instruments that provide air circulation, as well as increasing the rate of oxygen in the environment and providing a more livable environmental area. In addition, the ozone generator destroys all substances and organisms that cause bad odor in the environment and provides a cleaner and more habitable space.

Because of the number of people goes in and out and because of closed windows in the intensely used vehicles such as cars, minibuses, buses, etc. there is the problem of odour, viruses and bacteria.

In addition to many disturbing odours in the vehicle, there are microbiological loads that threaten human health through the air from external factors and people. These loads create a more homogeneous mixture and become chronic with the means of providing air circulation in air conditioning etc. The smell of cigarettes, especially in smoking vehicles, is one of the biggest problems. Other than this, unintentional accidents (spill of any product like water, coffee etc) become sources of smell and causes both vehicle users and passengers to feel uncomfortable.

After ozone gas vehicle cleaning applications, many odours like smoking, sweat, moisture, mold, animal, meat, milk are eliminated and disinfection of air conditioning filters and air conditioning ducts in the vehicle are provided also. In this way, viruses, bacteria, Spores, fungi and yeasts that can easily live in inaccessible sections such as air conditioning filters especially in winter are destroyed and a healthier journey is offered.

As it does not leave any chemical residue, it is the most effective disinfection method.

Ozone generators help to prevent chronic and infectious diseases by providing disinfection of the air and means of air circulation, as well as providing a more livable environment area by increasing the rate of oxygen in the environment. In addition, the ozone generator destroys all the substances and organisms that cause bad smell in the environment, providing a fresher, cleaner vehicle.

The most important rule in hospitals and consulting rooms is disinfection. Disinfection of the environment and the tools has effect as important as medical intervention.

Fixed or mobile ozone generators in hospitals and consulting rooms provide disinfection of the whole environment and don’t leave any residue compared to other disinfection methods and it is more effective and reaches at all the points as it is in gas form.

As ozone gas is the most effective disinfectant in disinfection and sterilization, it provides a safer environment and minimizes the risk of disease transmission without any chemical consumption.

Application dosages and relevant information to determine your ozone generator model please contact us to select your device.

There are often odor problems and hygiene problems, especially in places such as sinks and toilets, which are areas of public use. Many chemicals and many odor conditioners are used for disinfection purposes, although these types of materials do not have a clear and lasting result causing serious costs are paid due to consumables.

Ozone generators do not leave chemical residue, there is no consumable material for any filling and they are very effective compared to the other chemicals used for hygiene.

The ozone generator completes the disinfection process by being applied in fixed or mobile form, without making any changes to the existing sinks. It completes its process by destroying all micro-organisms and substances that cause odor in the environment.

Cafes and restaurants that are essential to cities and entertain thousands of people every day. Although the smell shortage in cafes and restaurants has decreased compared to the past with the implementation of smoking ban in closed areas in our country, the application areas of ozone gas related to hygiene are more.

It is possible to apply ozone gas at many points from disinfection of common areas in restaurants and cafes, to disinfection of kitchens, tools and equipment, vegetables and fruits, cold air rooms, toilets.

Ozone gas is a much safer disinfectant than conventional chemical methods because it does not damage the product, human or equipment, and does not leave any chemical residue. Reducing the costs of chemical disinfection of restaurants and cafes provides an economical solution.

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