A virus belonging to the coronaviridae family of viruses (2019-nCOV), estimated to have spread from Wuhan, China in December 2019, has caused deep fear both in China and the world and also Turkey. Viruses can spread very quickly nowadays for many reasons such as global warming, shrinking animal habitat, illegal animal hunting, increasing human population, increased amounts of the flights, the developed tools. This rapid spread causes concern in many people and encourages people to take precautions against such outbreaks.
Unfortunately, such outbreaks bring malicious companies, information pollution and extravagant promises with them as in the world and our country. In order for our followers to distinguish these types of companies and to prevent information pollution related to ozone gas, we will try to answer the impact of ozone gas on viruses based on scientific papers and the questions that come to us in this article.

Question: Can ozone gas destroy Coronavirus (2019-nCOV) virus?

Answer: There are no completed scientific studies on this subject. It is impossible to claim that any method, including ozone gas, would be the solution for a virus we were aware of in December 2019. Although there has not been a final study in practice yet, theoretically it is highly likely that ozone gas will be effective against Coronavirus.

James B. Hudson, Manju Sharma, and Selvarani Vimalanathan’s “Development of a Practical Method for Using Ozone Gas as a Virus Decontaminating Agent” named study dated 2009 conducted that by ozone gas disinfection in an area infected with viruses such as Influenza, Vaccina virus and Murine Coronavirus from Coronavirus group, and no virus including Murine Coronavirus, has been able to resist ozone gas.

Question: Is it possible to use ozone gas in the fight against Coronavirus (2019-nCOV)?

Answer: We want to specify repeatedly that we haven’t enough data and scientific studies about 2019-nCOV is to make definitive conclusions, but by looking at past studies related to the effect on viruses, we think the ozone gas ozone gas 2019- ncov is a method that may be effective.

Carpendale and Freeberg, 1991, Wells 1991; Khadre and Yousef, 2002; Shin and Sobsey, 2003; Cataldo, 2006; Lin and Wu, 2006; Tseng and Li, 2008 stated that ozone is a disinfectant that can be used effectively in virus destruction and control in their study on the effects of ozone gas on viruses.

However, we would like to underline again and again that there is no scientific study of this type in the 2019-nCOV virus specific. We invite our followers to be careful about articles such as “Destroy Corona with ozone” or “Blow ozone to Corona.”

Question: How can I use ozone gas to protect against viruses?

Answer: Ozone gas is a disinfectant known to destroy 99.9% of the viruses and bacteria in the environment. The use of ozone gas in common habitats is known to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. Most viral diseases can be spread in areas of public life such as where hospitals, shopping malls, cafes and restaurants, cinemas, schools, nurseries, children’s indoor play areas, hotels, restrooms and elderly care centers. It is extremely important that continuous disinfection be done in these type of places. Especially in environments with high age groups and children who are extremely vulnerable to viruses, not only during epidemic periods, but always disinfecting with ozone gas will improve life and air quality and play an inhibitory role in the spread of diseases.

Question: Does using an ozone generator in home protect me against viruses?

Answer: Viruses do not have their own metabolism, so they do not have the ability to reproduce on their own. They use the cells they enter as hosts to produce new viruses. Then, they destroy the host cell and continue to multiply rapidly in the patient’s body. In this context, the chances of viruses settling in your home are extremely low unless they are carried by a living creature. Unfortunately, in most cases of the virus outbreak, the disease is carried home by people living at home. Therefore, while fighting the epidemic the most important measures will be:

1) To pay attention to hygiene standards in common areas
2) Avoid areas where hygiene is not provided or where you think hygiene is not provided
3) Avoid contact with people you think are sick
4) Washing our hands frequently and with soap for at least 30 seconds

If you have an infected person in your home, disinfecting the areas where the person spends his time with ozone gas can prevent the spread of the disease in the family.

Question: How do I know that hygiene standards are maintained in common areas?

Answer: As a consumer, it is the responsibility of businesses to ensure hygiene in the areas where you or your loved ones spend your life. You can obtain written or oral information from the owners of the company about the hygiene procedures in the areas where your child, family or you spend your time. If you see any impropriety, you can report your complaints to the competent authorities (such as Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning, municipalities, Ministry of Health, Ministry of National Education) depending on the business area.

Question: Can 2019-nCOV virus infected patient be treated with ozone therapy?

Answer: There are no published scientific papers on this subject.

Question: Can we get medical ozone generator from you?

Answer: Although we provide ozone gas services in 30 different sectors, we do not provide medical ozone and ozone therapy services in the field.

Finally, to avoid misinformation about ozone gas, we recommend you to examine the reference works of manufacturers, dealers or importers where you supply generators and question the academic infrastructure on which the companies base their claims on.

We wish your loved ones a healthy life.