Anthrax, or Bacillus Anthracis with its Latin name, belongs to the family Bacillaceae and is a genus of rod-shaped, gram-positive, encapsulated, aerobatic and facultative aerobatic, motile and Spore-proliferating bacteria.
Anthrax, a bacterial disease, is a disease that communicates from grass-eating animals to humans through contact and sometimes results in death. It can be found in soil, meat slaughterhouses, slaughterhouses, meat integrated facilities and pastures.
In his 2002 dated study, Dr. Rip G Rice describes the use of ozone against anthrax as a very effective method. In this study, studying the resistance of the Bacillus anthracis bacterium to ozone, Dr Rice proved that ozone is highly effective against the bacterium both in air applications and water applications. Anthrax bacteria, which disappear in about 60 minutes with the correct ppm and correct application in water application, can be eliminated in air with a regular and appropriate application for 15 hours.
We recommend using ozone gas to ensure the biosafety of your Meat Integration Plant.