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G Series

Built-In Compressor / Built-In Oxygen Fed / PLC Control
125 g – 1000 g/hr
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G series ozone generators are preferred in areas requiring high capacity applications. Ozone production is done by Plate Type technology.

The device has a built-in oxygen system, so that it doesn’t require an external oxygen supply. All air entering into the system is dried with special drier systems.

It is possible to operate the unit separately or as a whole at 25 gr/hr and multiples. So that in case of maintenance and failure of the device, completely stopping of the system is prevented.

Plate system ozone reactor,
PSA system oxygen generator,
Oil free compressor,
PLC Control,
7” Touch Panel
Turkish and English software language,
4 different modes of operation,
Differential pressure sensor,
Fire and smoke sensor,
Network voltage protection relay,
PTFE, 316 AISI and viton material ozone gas output line,
Halogen free fireproof electricity distribution line,
Aluminum construction modular design,
Lockable wheeled design
Fixing wedges to the mounting point.


Optional Features

304 AISI exterior case design
IP 54 external design
Dryer at -3 dew point temperature
Dryer at -40 dew point temperature
Remote control system
Leakage ozone control system
Ozone measurement and control system (air)
Ozone measurement and control system (liquid)
2-10 ozone gas output units
Warning via SMS
Backward graphical data tracking